Television for Everyone!

Growing up, televisions outnumbered people in my house.   The mismatched audio from conflicting shows was the soundtrack of my youth.

Growing old, I choose not to own a television.

Initially my televisionlessness was unintentional.  A long-term relationship I was in fell apart, we “only” owned one TV between us, and it was his.  Just like the dog.  I rarely miss either.

Average Amount of time spent watching television daily


When it comes up in conversation, people generally think that “I don’t own a television” somehow just means that I don’t have cable.

“No, I literally don’t own one,” I always say.

“How do you watch… (fill in the blank)?”

“I just don’t,” I explain.  Simple enough, you would think.

I don’t know who won (fill in the blank).  yes, I missed the big game.  But I do take the time to cook real food.  I create art.  I make things by hand and from scratch – for myself and for others.  I actively parent.  I spend time talking to my family.

And once in a very great while, I watch (fill in the blank) on the iPad. I admit it.

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